Our Granite Colors

Highest Quality Granite From Across The World

When it comes to a monument or memorial, stone quality and color are critical. To ensure the highest quality and best selection, Sprung Monuments sources the finest granite – in a wide range of colors – from quarries across the world.

Below is a selection of the most common colors used today. These granites all create outstanding carvings and showcase the best contrast for excellent visibility of the lettering on your chosen memorial. Please note that the colors may appear differently on your device than in person and that granite has some naturally occurring variations, which can impact appearance.


Traditional gray granite with black and white grain
sourced from Vermont

Rubin Red
Red granite finely speckled with gray and blue sourced from India

Blue Pearl
Blue granite with silver and black tones sourced from Finland

Jet Black
Dark black granite sourced from South Africa with a superior background for etching 

Colonial Rose
Taupe with gray and brown grain sourced from Minnesota

Brown and black granite with a swirling red grain sourced from India

North American Pink
Pale pink color with tiny white, gray, and black grains sourced from Canada

Imperial Red
Red granite speckled with coarse black grain sourced from India

Bahama Blue
Blue granite with hints of black grain sourced from India

Ebony Mist
Black granite featuring swirls of white and a marbelized appearance sourced from Virginia

Imperial Green
Dark granite featuring hints of green grain sourced from China

Canadian Pink
Pink granite featuring soft hints of black and gray
sourced from Canada

Twilight Red Multi
Red granite with black variegation
sourced from India

Impala Black
Black granite with soft gray tones
sourced from South Africa

Brown granite with blue and dark brown grain sourced from North Dakota

Tropical Green
A mix of green granite with swirling grain sourced from India