Dedication Ceremony

Celebrate a Life Well Lived

A dedication ceremony, held after a monument has been installed, provides an extra element of peace and closure to families. If you would like to hold a dedication ceremony after your loved one’s monument has been installed, we will work with you to coordinate the details.

In light of the current state of affairs, families have not been able to host funerals or large gatherings. Everyone is missing out on having the opportunity to say goodbye. Hosting a graveside service at your loved one’s monument offers a safe and healing alternative.

If you are planning any type of dedication ceremony, please notify Sprung Monuments and the cemetery about the date of the service.

Religious Gathering

Why not plan a special event to honor your loved one’s life, centered around the monument that will become a permanent memorial to their life? Think of this as another opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one in the same place where they will find eternal rest. You can also invite a clergyperson to say a few words in your loved one’s honor.

Non-Religious Gathering

Those who prefer a non-religious ceremony can request the services of a certified celebrant for a graveside ceremony. Celebrants will take the time to meet with your family to learn more about your loved one, allowing you to craft a beautifully woven story about your loved one’s life. We work with several certified celebrants in the area and can provide recommendations.

Unveilings: A Treasured Tradition

In the Jewish faith, it is customary to hold an unveiling ceremony, a special event held to reveal a loved one’s monument.

This event can be held when it is most convenient for the family.

Cards announcing the unveiling are typically sent to family members and friends about two weeks or 10 days before the ceremony to save the date. Sprung Monuments is able to print these cards for the families we serve.

We can offer any assistance you may need. Contact us to learn more.