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What is a Monument?

A monument is more than a piece of granite that marks the final resting place of your loved one — it is a visual symbol of love, honor, and respect that pays tribute to a life well lived.

A monument is created to celebrate years of warmth, memories, and laughter with someone you held dear — not merely an expression of sorrow.

Monuments are built to honor life — not just to commemorate death.

Best Selection, Expert Guidance, And Unmatched Quality

Choosing the perfect memorial or monument starts with the granite — specifically with the color. Sprung Monuments sources granite from across the world, including from India, South Africa, and Finland.

Once you’ve selected the granite, we walk you through the design process, describing the options for handwork, carving, and engraving.

We will also work with you to find the perfect wording for your memorial or monument. Click here to see examples.

With so many possibilities, the process can seem overwhelming. That’s why we have trusted experts to guide you through your decision.

We also have decades of experience with helping families navigate the regulations for the cemetery of their choice.

At Sprung Monuments, we have the confidence of knowing that our skilled craftsmen can bring any vision to life as a beautiful work of art, along with the expertise to help select the perfect tribute for your family.

We design the highest-quality memorials for all faiths, cultures, and beliefs, including:

Sprung Value

Sprung Monuments also has over 3,000 monuments already in our inventory that can be sold at up to 50% savings. If you have questions, ask your Memorialist counselor about the Sprung Value Select Options.

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